WAL-MART mobile phone application security case column program

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Project background:
Wal Mart, Wal Mart stores, Inc.) (NYSE: WMT) is a United States worldwide chain enterprises, in terms of turnover for the world's largest company, headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. Wal Mart is mainly involved in the retail industry is the employee most enterprises, for three consecutive years in the < wealth > magazine as one of the world's top 500 enterprises ranked first. Wal Mart has 85 stores, distributed in 15 countries around the world. The Changjian Technology and Wal Mart team of project plan, in-depth communication and Research on the service implementation and to finalize Zhuhai Changjian Technology have Limited company, in the follow-up project to promote, the two sides have maintained close exchanges, to ensure long-term close cooperation.
Project plan:
Mobile phone anti-theft alarm for Zhuhai Changjian Technology Co., Ltd. is the latest research and development of a high-tech commercial mobile phone anti-theft device, Changjian Technology mobile anti-theft alarm system compared to other mobile phone anti-theft devices are more intelligent, more secure, more beautiful, from the fundamental subversion of the traditional mobile phone anti-theft devices, Changjian Technology mobile phone anti-theft alarm published by mobile phone retailer Wal Mart welcomed and respected.
Project effect:
Wal Mart after the introduction of Changjian Technology mobile phone anti-theft devices, not only solve the Wal Mart mobile phone anti-theft this problem, but also a more scientific aesthetic show Wal Mart sales of mobile phones, for Wal Mart's mobile phone in the world's best-selling have made great contribution to the, Wal Mart and consumers alike!