Apple mobile phone security device application

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Project background:

Apple sold in China products include plane Trinitron television, rear projection / plasma / LCD TVs, digital cameras, notebook computers and home video on one machine, home theater system, DVD player, data projectors, memory stick memory rods, polymer lithium ion battery etc.. To apple in China's electronic business scale has reached $300 billion, total investment has more than $20 billion, including six factories, apple in China, a total of about 10000 employees. Changjian technology and the Sony team of project plan, service implementation and in-depth communication and research, in promoting the follow-up project, both sides have been Maintain close communication and ensure long-term and close cooperation.

Project plan:
Changjian technology  mobile phone burglar alarm is a high-tech commercial mobile phone anti-theft devices, Changjian technology  mobile anti-theft alarm system compared to other mobile phone anti-theft devices are more intelligent, more secure, more beautiful, from the fundamental subversion of the traditional mobile phone anti-theft devices, Changjian technology  mobile phone anti-theft alarm published by Apple retailers welcome and respected.

Project effect:
Apple since the introduction of Changjian technology  mobile phone anti-theft devices, not only solve the digital mobile phone anti-theft this problem, but also more scientific aesthetic show sales of Apple mobile phone, for Sony's mobile phone in world's best-selling set Hanmagonglao, apple and consumers alike!



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