Mobile phone anti-theft device application program

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Project background:
China Mobile Communications Corporation mainly engaged in fixed telephone, mobile communications, satellite communications, Internet access and application of integrated information service. In the 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region set up wholly owned subsidiary, and listed in Hong Kong and New York. Changjian technology and Guangdong mobile team for project planning, service implementation and in-depth communication and research, in promoting the follow-up project, the two sides have maintained close exchanges, to ensure the long-term close relations of cooperation.

Project plan:
Changjian technology mobile phone burglar alarm is a high-tech commercial mobile phone anti-theft devices, Changjian technology mobile anti-theft alarm system compared to other mobile phone anti-theft devices are more intelligent, more secure, more beautiful, from the fundamental subversion of the traditional mobile phone anti-theft devices, Changjian technology mobile phone anti-theft alarm published by various branch of Guangdong Mobile welcomed and respected.

Project effect:
Guangdong Mobile Company from the introduction of Changjian technology mobile phone anti-theft devices, not only solve the Guangdong mobile phone anti-theft this problem, but also a more scientific aesthetic show Guangdong Mobile the branch sales of mobile phones, for Guangdong mobile phones in the world's best-selling have made great contribution to the, Guangdong Mobile company leadership and consumers alike!