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Zhuhai Changjian Technology Co., Ltd, was established in the beautiful coastal city of Zhuhai, China.10 years focused on telecom operators, mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone brands, such as the company's experiential marketing solutions.With the company's strategic high-level vision,innovative design concept, strong R & D strength, rich experience in the industry, efficient supply chain and strong execution.One of the Chinese leading suppliers of  security display stand for mobile phone, tablet, ipad and other electronic products. We have established a good relationship with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and also Gome,Hauwei in experiential marketing.As the company's overseas business continue to increase,In 2012, the company established the China Changjian Group Co., Ltd. in Hongkong,for overall layout of the international market. After years of unremitting efforts of the company, has tens of millions of supermarkets to provide safe, practical, convenient and intelligent products and services.

Company history

Into Asia


Corporate headquarters to expand its business to the Asian market, and to Hongkong as a stronghold, operating commodity security source tag project to better serve and support the global retail chain needs.

Trade Representative

2004-2007 years

Attention commodity anti-theft source tag project plan and operation for the chain retail customers, consulting and processing of value-added services and become market share in Hong Kong, one of the more commodity anti-theft source label suppliers and service providers.

Enter the domestic market


Shenzhen to set up branch offices in China, to occupy the domestic market actively seize the market share, and in July of the same year and Nokia signed a cooperation agreement for the year, become the designated brand and partner selection.

Industry leader


Monopoly Hongkong and Macao mobile phone and 3C digital products open display market, and Macao Telecom and Hongkong telecom operators to reach a cooperation agreement, the city accounted for 95% of the rate of more than 5.

Shanghai branch


Shanghai Branch, which was set up to support the development of domestic business, successfully seize industry leader in the field of target customers, become the most large retailers and telecommunications operators choose brand and designated partners.